Transform Your Home Into an Exciting Nighttime Experience

Outdoor lighting can be very effective in transforming your home into an exciting nighttime experience. We can provide a different accent to your home, pool and landscape with outdoor landscape lighting. Florida Greenscapes LLC only installs top quality brand fixtures for your outdoor lighting projects. We are also proud to be installing new LED packages in a constant effort to protecting the environment.

Creative Landscape Lighting Design – Florida Greenscapes of Tampa works closely with the homeowner to achieve desired outdoor lighting effects. Outdoor lighting can be both functional and aesthetic. It’s an art to understand how much light to place on a house or determine where the focal points are. Our Tampa landscape lighting experts are there to assist you every step of the way.

Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation – Highly trained Tampa lighting staff backed by years of experience with outdoor and landscape lighting design and installation.

Top Quality Outdoor Lighting Fixtures and Materials – Safest, most efficient and versatile outdoor lighting equipment available on the market today.

Ongoing Outdoor Lighting Support Services – Florida Greenscapes of Tampa is backed by over 15 years of experience in outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and architectural lighting. Most of our competitors offer landscape lighting and outdoor lighting as an add-on product or service. At Florida Greenscapes, outdoor lighting and landscape lighting is our specialty. Our outdoor lighting systems are more energy efficient, sharper and cleaner, expandable, and best of all, worry free.

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Increases Curb Appeal – Outdoor increases the value and resale of your home and compliments your landscaping investment.

Practical and Elegant – Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy more hours outside and creates an elegant atmosphere for outdoor entertaining.

Expandable – Landscape lighting systems are designed to meet your outdoor lighting needs today and in the future.

Worry Free – Maintenance by full time service crews.

Adds Safety and Security – Outdoor lighting increases protection for your family and friends. Outdoor lighting and landscape lighting deters trespassers and intruders.


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Maintenance Programs

We offer specialized commercial or residential property maintenance programs that can be customized to suit anyone’s budget and needs.


Landscape Design

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are recognized as a leader in the Tampa Bay area for award winning landscape design.


Landscape Installation

Our landscape division provides professional installation services to residents and business owners throughout the Tampa area.


Professional Tree Service

We offer superior services that add value to your trees, preparing them for storm season, enhancing the overall health and beauty of your landscaping.



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